Cooking doesn't get any easier with Ready. Chef. Go! The heart of this program includes an innovative cooking bag that is used to package fresh meat, seafood, and produce in our store that can be taken home and cooked right in the bag! This eliminates prep time and a messy clean-up. It also provides meals that are juicy and savory! We give our customers the choice of our Pre-Packaged Grab-And-Go Meals but also the ability to create a custom meal.




Pre-Packaged Grab-And-Go Meals:

These meals offer the ultimate in customer convenience because the customer simply selects their meal and takes it with them! The food is already pre-packaged in the bag, weighed, labeled, priced and placed on display in the seafood or meat case for selection. 


Custom Meals:

Our custom meals allow you to go to the seafood counter to order your very own choice of seafood with complimentary seasoning, butter, sauce, or vegetables. All you have to do is tell us what you'd like and we handle the rest!